After the unbalance of A Broken Frame, Depeche Mode’s third studio release, Construction Time Again rebuilds and reignites the band. (1983)
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  • I was wondering if you like Bronski Beat/Communards?

    Bronski beat – Smalltown boy (12 extended)

  • You always review the best albums! :) Back in the early 90s I was
    fascinated with Sony’s Pop & Wave compilations (not sure if they were also
    released outside of Europe). I would often pick a particular song that I
    liked on them to hunt down the corresponding album in a music shop, which
    not seldomly also led to the collecting of entire discographies.

    That’s also how I came to know Construction Time Again, after having been
    impressed by
    “Everything Counts”. CTA is still one of my absolute DM favorites. I like
    the clever mashup of industrial noises and socio-critical lyrics combined
    with a highly melodic synth sound. But I think the old CD sounded even
    better than the remaster. It sure is crisper and louder, but it lacks a
    certain cold sound imho, which is important for the album…

  • saw them live for second time a couple of months ago and the setlist was
    pretty subdued, not as good as the first time i saw them. of course they
    played all the hits but the b sides were a little slow. didnt keep the
    energy like the first show i saw