Black Market (with ricky terry now 92009) in the electro pop band ejector) played mostly Depeche Mode covers but this track is their own called «Innocent Liv…
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  • check out the latest original videos from ricky terry of ejector… (he
    played Mertin Gore in this video) search youtube for the tracks: ejector
    «get out» ejector «tell me everything» ejector «first sight of red»

  • I used to put my tracks on a site called electromancer that was mainly for
    electronic music. I went by the name Mode 7. They shut down. Incidently,
    ive just been listening to that other track you made recently Morphidae
    jones. Great track, nice arpeggio’s, and synth melodies with delay effects
    all spot on. What did you use to make that?

  • I came back here today to play this track once again, for the 10th time, or
    so… I really like it… but I wish I could hear the vocals/lyrics better!
    Could you maybe post the lyrics out for us if you have them? and is this
    your only copy of this song? if so, what a shame! But, I’m glad this copy

  • Not only a good tribute band in your own right, but your own song as well.
    Very, very good. Id bet that DM themselves would be proud of this?

  • SEHR GUT! — Doch ich wartete die ganze Zeit auf den eigentlichen Beginn des
    Liedes. FAZIT: I missed «Impuse» for the finish!!!

  • ale fajne:) całkiem jak wczesne DM oczywiście oryginał jest NIENAJLEPSZY!!!

  • The Casio CZ-5000 had an 8-track sequencer on it (sounds and pattern I
    created myself) triggered by the drum machine at the start of the beat, but
    you don’t hear the sequencer until I turn it up at the right time. The
    Casio RZ1 drum machine was the master in the midi chain. This video was
    shot just a few weeks after Depeche Mode played the Rose Bowl in 1988. I
    don’t recall what the other synth was that Loren played. Morphidae Jones
    and Collide by «Ricky Terry» here on You Tube are somewhat new.

  • At first I thought that was the real Martin and David. Look, twin david &
    gohan. The guy with the mullet look so cool.

  • Casio-RZ1 (drum tracks) Korg DSS1 (Human voice parts and main riff) Casio
    CZ-5000 (playing the sequenced track) Roland Juno 106 (low end rez bass and
    main riff) Roland D10 (plane & chopper fx / flute parts) and the guitar
    that you can’t hear

  • @dmulator @dmulator Hey there dmulator, I played Martin Gore’s role in this
    video. Happily we all four of us still remain friends. I have my own band
    now called «ejector» and we released our first full album this year
    (February) and have several singles out. Thom (Dave in the video) is still
    into music and doing DJ work these days. Brady (second in from the left) is
    reproducing this track in the coming year with some other material. Loren
    (far left) is now a voice over actor and comedian.

  • Cool, I have the micro korg myself, I love that synth. I’m now set up with
    the Roland Fantom x6, korg Triton LE, korg kaoss pad, Korg Electribe SX,
    Emu Emax SE (depeche used for the Rose Bowl), and my old korg DSS1 that’s
    in the video, she still works. I run everything with «Acid Pro» and
    «Creative» sound editing. Is there anywhere I (we) can check out your stuff?

  • yes, my new band is called «ejector» and my other tracks are under my name
    «ricky terry». I’m also have been doing soundtrack work and have my first
    independent film score in the works.

  • Good job at first i thought that the singer was dave and the guy in the hat
    martin!nice song could have been in the black celebration or music for the
    masses period.

  • ricky terry (martin look a like) is in the band «ejector» and has two
    singles on itunes… Thom O’Barsky (Dave look-a-like ) is a working DJ…
    Loren Kling is a comedian Brady Staples is still writing music currently
    working on new demos