Depeche Mode — Cover Me (Mauricio Valenzuela Remix)
::: Copyright: All rights reserved for Columbia Records and Depeche Mode.
::: Authors: Dave Gahan, Christian Eigner and Peter Gordeno.
::: Producer: James Ford.
::: Remix not commercial by Mauricio Valenzuela [116 BPM] (September 2017, Santiago of Chile).
::: Remix created with Ableton Live (including Massive VST and House Drums Library).
::: Mastered in LANDR.

I’ve felt better
I’ve been up all night
I can feel it coming
The morning light
The air is so cold here
It’s so hard to breathe
We better take cover
Will you cover me?

Way up here with the Northern lights
Beyond you and me
I dreamt of us in another life
One we’ve never reached

You know we’re sinking
We could fade away
I’m not going down
Not today
The air is so cold here
Too cold to see
We have to take cover
Cover me

Way up here with the Northern lights
Beyond these broken bars
I pictured us in another life
Where we’re all super stars

Source by Mauricio Valenzuela

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