World In My Eyes – Depeche Mode Cover Autor: Martin L Gore Voil Tage: Interprete. Programaciones usadas en Voil Tage Voil Tage ensayando. 27 de Agosto 2009. …
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  • La voz robótica que dice “let me take you on a trip” es del mix “Dub In My Eyes”, y el sinte que le sigue está en el mix “Mayhem Mode”.

  • If it’s live, it’s amazing. if it’s not, it very nice!

  • HHHMMM why make coversongs so close to the original..???

    Make your own music.. maybe DM could learn something..

    NICE WORK 8-)

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  • amazing synths and brilliant lead vocalist- much better than the one from your other songs

  • Very good, guys ! Great arrangement. Very very very close.
    You should now use your knowledge to come up with your own songs. Give it your own twist.

  • good job, but the second voice (Martin) it’s a lot in this song 

  • The musicians and their sound in this group are great, just great. Yet, I cannot stand the lead singers voice and his mannerism. His accent and his vocals are awful, but props to the band for bringing this classic out and taking the time to organize themselves to make it happen!!

  • Son el mejor grupo que hace covers de DM los felicito totalmente.

  • cuando te saques el helado de la frente y releas la pregunta y la entiendas, hablamos… ME REFIERO A COMO SE LLAMA LA ORIGINAL CON ESA INTRO EXTENDIDA! Solo se que la tocaron en vivo en la gira DEVOTIONAL, pero se que hubo una version de estudio con esa intro…

  • jajajajajajajajajaajajaajajaajajaajajajaajajaajajajajaajajajajajajajajajajajajaja! amigo la original obviamente se llama World In My Eyes