Here I’ve done an acapella version of a couple of snippets of some of my favourite Depeche Mode songs. The order is: Home, Enjoy The Silence, Only When I Los…

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  • Have hever tried with:
    But not tonight,
    Here is the House,
    Things you said,
    A question of lust,
    Stories of old,

    It would be great to here those songs with your voice….beautiful !!

  • ¿¿¿¿
    ha ha! i’m not english men

  • of this we think is not native ..
    of this we do not understand each other …
    Why are we divided the languages? :-)

  • Your voice is great…you’re addicted to depeche!! :P
    I want to listen more songs from you!! ;)
    Kisses from Italy

  • I don’t know how you do it, i think Home is the hardest song to sing and yet you manage to do it :) bravo

  • I don’t know Depeche Mode songs, but this is very nice to listen to, soothing to the ears as always!