Depeche Mode singer joined Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman in being honored by the MAP — Musician’s Assistance Program — Fund Awards, and he was presented …
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  • @AndreasZimmerman *rolls eyes* Type in google, addiction recovery. Simple

  • What do you mean?? Gore is sober now. After being a heavy drinker through
    many years he finally quit drinking for about five or six years ago..

  • We are all blessed to have dave gahan fit and well. Good on him xxx

  • Sweet! I was able to attend the Musicares Gala for Barbra Streisand in LA a
    couple days before I attended the Grammy’s, this is a great
    thing….Musicares, does care…. they do so much for music and to save the
    music. Very proud to have been a part of that in February… And
    ironically-enough I met Haley & the Paramore band who sat behind me on the
    plane home… Glad to see the music carry on, the people paying it
    forward… That’s what it’s about…

  • 0:27 Addiction recovery treatment…. to musicians. SO what if, you’re not
    a musician?