Velour Dreams — our jazzy cover of Depeche Mode — «Enjoy The Silence», as part of our project:
Velour Dreams — An 80s Love Affair — Pop Meets


Velour Dreams was born to move (with You Can Call Me Al), touch (with Nothing Compares to You) and hypnotize (with Enjoy The Silence).

It’s birth was slow. We started as three guys – from Israel, Austria and Minnesota – that met in NYC in 2015 and formed a jazz trio (Assaf Kehati Trio), playing in jazz clubs and festivals in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America, slowly transforming to be Velour Dreams – an instrumental trio that brings jazz and pop together.

Kehati, who led the band at clubs such as The Blue Note, Atlanta Jazz Festival, and played with names such as Billy Hart (Miles Davis) and Donny McCaslin (David Bowie) says:

«I had all those 80s pop songs in my head since I was a teenager. Clips I constantly watched on MTV. Twenty five years later, I was walking in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and night after night I kept singing those songs in my head.

After a while it was clear where all of this is going: I arranged one song (Englishman in New York) and brought it to a rehearsal with my band. They loved it. The energy was pure fun and later when we introduced it in a show the audience loved it too! A year later Velour Dreams was born.»

This is our story. Are you coming with us? ——————————————————————————————————-
Assaf Kehati: guitar and band leader
Michael O’Brien: double bass
Peter Traunmueller: drums