Depeche Mode performing Enjoy The Silence Devotional Tour in 1994 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountainview, San Francisco, California.
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  • this sound have been recorded right from the mixing desk during gig. you
    can hear the mix is not quite right. but great sound indeed. they sing
    slightly out of tune wich is not the case on the DVD.

  • The exotic tour was indeed in 1994. You’re mistaking it with the exciter
    tour, which was in 2001, that is true ;-)

  • Are you sure? If you are devotee you must know – in Devotional era, Gahan’s
    voice was like that. /watch?v=p6Q-wq_YRlM I hope you understand me.

  • this sound way clearer than the normal live version from 93/94. 1. how was
    this version even recorded? 2. i wish there were more “soundboard” versions
    3. this sounds like a live studio version, incredible 4. dave screams and
    groans less which is never a bad thing

  • 4:51 is like heaven to me. I have always loved this version & found it
    impossible to find so thank you :-) I’m in Australia & went to the
    devotional tour back in ’94’ & they have been in my heart since then.

  • @TheEduardo4 Martin Gore may have masterfully written the songs & Dave
    Gahan may have made the words sound like they came from heaven, but Alan
    Wilder is absolutely the unsung HERO of Depeche Mode!!!

  • guys just type in youtube to mp3 downloader into youtube to download the

  • Wow, awesome vid, perfect sound and what a performance of Dave :)

  • I’ve been waiting for quite some time for some bay area 90’s Depeche Mode
    concert footage! thank you! :D

  • absolutely love the intro. if people don’t see a difference between having
    alan in the group and not having him in the group, you’re doing drugs. have
    him take fletch’s place, he doesn’t do anything anyway!

  • This is the best version next to the singles tour. 4:51 is really amazing!

  • This is not Depeche Mode, it´s a cover. I’m devotee and I know very well
    Dave´s voice.

  • Sorry, I was drunk when I wrote this. It’s the same voice I heard in Chile
    in 1994 Greetings ;)

  • Brilliant. Alan Wilder’s arrangements in this tour are sublime.