been having a little fun remixing depeche mode´s enjoy the silence

Source by Lestat Lestotis

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  • Subtle sub wobbles and Glitched out percussion diced and arranged on an 8-bit platter.I love it man ^_^

  • @coiso: danke :) hehe foi-se me um bocado ao fazer isto :P

  • @shockra: tks again for the kind comment :) if you put this on a larger souns system you´ll probably kill the audience, the mix is not that good :P hehe

  • creative track,, I look forward to your next up n commings,, the rest have been great listens,, I’ll let you know what they sound on a larger sound system,,, thx again for the d/ls

  • @jay-sun: hehe tks, it´s a bit wierd the mix, I love depeche mode also! :) great band, real pioneers