many loud screams, prepare your ears!! love the instrumental interlude and guitar solo!)) Martin would be a better tomb raider the Jolie ahhahahhaa))) love l…

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  • if you go to exclusive cd and dvd dot com you will find a dvd for sale of the august 4th show at dodger stadium in full but it says no info whether it’s in full,an audience recording,or professional and if yo0u email them asking them for more info about it no one responds back so I guess you have to buy it to find out and it’s $19.95 last time I checked

  • the band,the manager,and record company’s have tons of footage,and recordings of these two shows and many others from the World Violation Tour they just refuse to release them to anyone and are lazy and don’t think it’s professional enough to release or they don’t want to do the work to remaster them etc its ashame!!

  • They have video recordings of the Aug 4th and 5th shows at Dodger Stadium Los Angeles Ca,the one you see on DM’s website in the archives,but they refuse to release it in full and it’s professional and multicam,and I have been to the DM Convention in 2000 and 2002 and seen video footage from these shows on the big screen,where they played everything counts,behind the wheel/route 66 in full for us to see and it was like you were in the front row in front of stage!!

  • he’s GOD you worthless peace of shit people like you doesn’t deserve to live

  • Holy Faaack! That was phenomenal. Too bad I could barely remember the Violator concert it was so long ago

  • Gore “dancing” is… utterly AWE-SOME! Never saw him moving like that. You hear how the crowd is goin c-a-razy about it :D He must have been on some nice shit.. And Gahan honors it with an “wohooooh!” Perfect

  • I love the part when Martin Gore goes to the bottom stage and starts running around with the guitar.

  • Well, at least there are some clips from it like yours and the ones of the web page. Ok thanks for the info anyway.

  • One decent recording from world violation tour at last!!!!!!! I can’t understand why they don’t relase a DVD version of this tour. I’m sure it was awsome

  • Amazing recording! I love to hear that part from 4:02-6:40!! Thanks for uploading!!