Depeche Mode-  Everthing Counts -rare -1983 German TV Cologne WWF Club

Depeche Mode Everything counts rare 1983 German TV Cologne rare Place WWF Club Cologne.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Man why aren’t people bobbing in the audience, I’d totally be dancing in my
    chair. Even hearing it for the first time its catchy, why not dance?

  • German mannequins can’t dance, certainly not like the TOTP audience 

  • we really didn’t realise that time what depeche was starting……amazing
    to see those pictures

  • Maybe the crowd isn’t into it because they’re so obviously lip syncing.
    Which is odd for DM.


  • dave gahan reminds me of pastor anderson in his suit.

  • Ну, это вообще пушка.
    Depeche Mode- Everthing Counts -rare -1983 German TV Cologne WWF Club

  • I thumbs downed this video for portraying Alan Wilder as not playing
    Keyboards when in fact this was all pretty much programmed by Alan. Funny
    that they have him on the fake ass drums as its well known that this was a
    drum machine programmed by Alan. BOO !!! Alan saved this band and quit when
    he could no longer carry them all. I DARE YOU TO DISAGREE. Having saud
    that, i do admit that Depeche Mode has progressed musically and is one of
    my altime favorite bands.

  • pubescent lizard person + giant parrot = david gahan (groooooooovy!!!!!!!)

  • This footage is great, You can really see their progresion from 1981-to
    this 1983…..

  • have you notice that there is a man at a table staring at the camera

  • Omg..I remember being 14 and being so in love with this man. I’d almost
    forgotten how he bangs his arm against the microphone stand. The 80’s
    RULED!!! :)