Depeche mode - Everything Counts 07/19 (London 1986)

Concert in Wembley arena London 1986 COMPLET DVD 00. Christmas’ Island -missing- 01. Black Celebration 02. A Quest…

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  • Меня еще не было….А эта музыка до сих пор так модна и актуальна! ЛЮБЛЮ!

  • Super! The best version, I have lived with these guys since teen years.
    What a track live!

  • i feel sorry for DM seeing how useless Fletch was took alot of credit away
    from the rest of the group. The press surely commented about it. I like
    Fletch but on stage he added nothing to DM’s creditability.

  • Depeche Mode is so real, but then again so surreal. It’s freaking brilliant!

  • Love this song reminds me of my childhood this band is a legend mode
    depache love too ^ ^

  • @2002blacknitews6 Fletch was one of the creators of the band. He played the
    keyboard and was manager, which is a damn hard job. Without Fletch, DM
    wouldnt be the same, just like how its not the same without Alan. Fletch is
    as big of a part of DM as Dave or Martin so stfu

  • Es difícil elegir una canción de este grupo… me gustan todas (o casi) ^_^

  • This video embodies “the peak” in so many ways… Dave mashed sideways,
    Fletch blitzed on the jitters, Alan and Martin holding down the fort, and
    it all comes together brilliantly. It’s a pace that no band can keep up
    over any sensible span of time. This was DM’s “it”.

  • the crowd : ” eweryfing cants in lah amants ” band : (no, its like this)
    ” everything counts in large amounts ”