◢◢◢ Depeche Mode – „Everything Counts“ Instrumental Version, live covered on Roland Juno DS-76 (“101“ Version, Tour 1988) ◢◢◢

A instrumental cover of „Everything Counts“ by Depeche Mode, based on the “101“ version of 1988, live performed on a Roland Juno DS.

Backtrack and Keyboard sounds were produced & programmed by me. I partly used the original Emu Emax / Emax II samples, used by Depeche Mode and especially Alan Wilder. Although this version is essentially based on the “101” version from 1988, I tried to spice it up a bit.

I used the sampling function of the Roland Juno DS-76 to import the DM samples (and pre-produced Sounds) and I was pretty surprised about the good result. The Backtrack also runs directly through the Juno DS, so it is used as a standalone device (without any software) for the live performance.

At 5:25 I played wrong notes in the solo part and subsequently corrected it. Everything else is live.

◢◢◢ Re-produced & performed by me.

◢◢◢ Composed by Martin L. Gore.

Unreleased Track – only for privat use.

Cheers, Alex

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