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A beautiful piano cover of the great Depeche Mode song – Everything Counts. The cover is based on the 101 Rose Bowl Pasadena concert from 1988.
Everything Counts was released in 1983 written by Martin Gore. It’s a very popular Depeche Mode song as we can see on the live performances as well. The structure of the song is relatively easy, the lyrics are a little bit unusual in my humble opinion and the chords are managed in interesting way as we can except from a genius songwriter. The song is rhythmical, easy to digest, and the melody captures our ears instantly. It was only a matter of time for me to make a cover for this great DM song. I have learned a lot from this experience and I very happy that I was able to catch a mood of this song and the overall atmosphere of the cover is not far from the original version. The piano playing and the chords are displayed according to the live version. In addition I also used an ‘’add piano’’ and a ‘’rhythm piano’’ to reach the final atmosphere. It’s easy to learn and easy to play. I want to share with you guys this another masterpiece from the great Martin Gore. Enjoy the playing and make happy your family and your friends! Hajp