Another great 12″ version…

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  • En el Coro jajaja Hacen la Fila del weon kajkajkajakjakjakaj Chilee………………….::!

  • so a pop group (depeche mode) foresaw something that a group like the sex pistols did not?

  • @critic3001: Like fjh1616 wrote – ‘In Larger Amounts’ is the name of this mix.

  • You’re missing the point. It’s an extended version. Large + more = Larger. ;)

  • wow not heard this for years,takes me back to days when i had hair……………

  • No they didn’t. That’s like interpreting Nicki Minaj as predicting whatever crisis will behold us the future…


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  • love the song, the cover but when 3 of the group singing next to each other makes me laugh xD

  • hi mate ..if you wanna see a band/person in 80s forseeing the shite we are in now.. try listening to some The The

  • Actually I’ve noticed that with a lot of 80’s tunes. ABC did it with Millionaire.

  • i thought this video was excellent ….it really echoes the music and is put together in a similar fashion. The imagery is strong and ahead of its time…. a true classic …that looks better today than it did in the 80s.

  • Today artist have out of this world music videos and Rihanna gets her ass out every other minute, to help sell their shitty music..this band have shitty videos with fantastic music!!

  • One of they’re earlyer most famous hit videos from 1983 ;)

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