Everything counts live abort.

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  • what!? prince is awesome. i’m not crazy about his vocals BUT HIS
    MUSICIANSHIP. you can’t deny that

  • exactly!!! Dave is being so professional, u just gotta love him.. and
    Martin’s hilarious when he starts laughing :)))

  • puxa david como c raya feo jejeje no la mates pues !! ..q haces chambear
    mas a los xicos jejeje

  • Haha is there a cover band in the house! Martin is just full of humour!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I hope it does not happen in October 13th in Perú…..

  • Shit happens Dave so you’re forgiven hehe… come to Norway please!

  • Se ve claramente como Martin Lee Gore comete el error cuando se adelanta,
    incluso sonrie y despues Dave empiesa a cantar jajaja como dice mi profe de
    contabilidad la coetiaron jajja

  • This was at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, not St. Petersburg.

  • de todos modos depeche mode es la mejor banda del universo

  • After ages of backing tape its not easy to play these old songs almost full

  • Martin’s fault…He started playing his part too soon, and Dave got
    confused…Ha, ha…Too cute. Very professional from Dave to stop the whole
    thing and start over. If you look carefully, you can see Martin on the
    screen, and the way he smiled when he figured out he made a mistake. He
    looks at Dave and Andy, and starts laughing. Hilarious…:)

  • LOL @ Dave… “what the f*ck was that?” It’s refreshing to know that even a
    band as awesome as DM isn’t perfect. And Martin’s reaction is priceless!

  • if there was a new emerging band up there the audience would have killed
    them!!everyone gets wrong sometimes..even the great DM!! you rules guys!love

  • en donde fue este concert mas bien alguien tiene el concert me gustaria
    tenerlo jajaja

  • the best was the next few seconds… “what the f*** is that?” :D A new
    song!! LOL

  • At 1.40, does Martin say “there are tons of bands better than us!” Lol