Hi Everyone,

Its been a few weeks since the Dublin Depeche Mode Concert & I was fondly looking back on it again recently.

Another highlight for me was Everything Counts. I decided to put a quick multicam video for that song together and it would not have been possible without the great footage from the contributors below. I also used some of my own unreleased footage and added a seperate enhanced high quality audio track.

Apologies in advance to all the contributors below because I had no way of contacting you through You Tube before puublishing this multicam video. I hope this is ok with you all & you can see I have clearly identified your work, not taking any credit for your footage & also provided direct links to your footage here, in case people would like to see your individual angles if they have not already done so.

Viggo Høysæter

uG universe



Charles Slane

Depeche Mode — 3Arena Dublin — Everything Counts — November 15th 2017.

Hope you enjoy,

All the best,