Fourth Depeche Mode cover version. Fly On The Windscreen, one of my all time favourite DM songs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I think Stripped productions would be more like to be a Martin thing than an Alan thing. Not saying it actually is, just saying the possibility of it actually be Alan is less than the possibility of it being Martin based on the name Stripped Productions. just like Grabbing Hands is more likely to be Martin than Alan or Andrew….

  • it is a cover, listen to the bass sound and the pianos, its for sure a cover obviously using the real drums as a sampled loop! but this is someones real cover, i have an amazing ear for sounds and can certainly here the difference from the modes version, very good none the less.

  • Are you kidding me? This is the original track with vocals removed. A glorified backing track passed off as a “cover.” You should repost SHOWING you actually playing this.

  • AMAZING. LOVE IT. Need vocals? I can do a great Dave and Mart LOL

  • Best cover of this song on YouTube. Alan Wilder would be proud!

  • Very impressive my friend.. very high quality cover..

  • hello wow very very good work i love this song . can you make from and one shouts of joy as instrumental ?

  • Ur frickin awesome! I’d love your feedback on my singing!!!
    please click and tell me what u think cause I am trying to improve! :)

  • I have to ask…are you Alan Wilder as I can’t see how anyone else would have the know how to put this together so well and not be ripping off original samples!?!

  • Using samples or not – this is still amazing; a brilliant piece of work. You are brilliantly talented, and thank you for sharing your gift with us. That being said, If ONLY you could have thrown in the “over and done with” (who cares if it’s sampled?) and the “I don’t care how you feel!” voiceovers – then we would have ultimate perfection! Any possibility of that??

  • This is an impressive cover. Depeche’s sound seems quite difficult to replicate, and I share midipuppies’ sentiment regarding covers.

  • This is a proper cover. Not easy to do at this quality level. There are so many Mode ‘covers’ on here that make me want to eat a shotgun. I would love to name the user, but that would be too obvious.
    If you want to share these samples in Emax format, they would have a grateful home.

  • Well, even if those are samples from the original song it’s a good cover….
    Well done my friend!!!….
    DEPECHE MODE for ever…
    E-mu Emax for ever!!!…

  • Well, even if those are samples from the original song it’s a good cover….
    Well done my friend!!!….
    DEPECHE MODE for ever…
    E-mu Emax for ever!!!…

  • Cheers for the comments. You got me thinking about the sounds on this, as it was over 20 years ago when I recorded it. I dug out my old sample disks and yes, the drum sounds are individual samples and that distinctive voice sample is original. The ‘breath sound’ in the chorus is actually a sample made from a drill. One of the sounds is a combo of a marimba, a bell and the attack portion of a metal bar being hit. There is a combined steel guitar and metal bar sample in there too.

  • You’re using a lot of original samples. You didn’t get that from hitting pipes and layering. First of all the drums sounds are sampled, voice sample, breath sound, etc.