Depeche Mode - Fragile Tension (music video)

Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension Director: Rob Chandler & Barney Steel Part of the double-A-side “Fragile Tension” / “Hole To Feed”, this is the third sing…

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  • Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe – Fragile Tension – la meglia del

  • Recently got to see Depeche Mode in Roma during their World Tour then saw
    them later that month in Los Angeles on there North American Tour…David
    sounded amazing to say the least! Depeche Mode Forever!

  • …Amazing song ….
    I can not stop listening to it …

  • was hoping they played this at the staples center! they didn’t :(

  • When it comes to current music, especially in America, absolutely.

  • Such a perfect song for what I went through this summer. Depeche Mode, you
    are my rock god forever <3

  • Don’t say that!! You must accomplish your purpose. Seek God and His will
    for your life…then after doing it, you may leave :-)

  • My Mother Wendee Jones bought me this album just before she passed. She
    knew I was a DM fan forever more and this song resonates my emotions for
    someone so special. Sorry Rick Troxell for the ‘mushiness’, but I have to
    share it. Otherwise, the penned up energy drives me nucking futs. I love
    you Mom and thanks for knowing the drive in my heart, mind, body, and soul.

  • @nnicholss Thank you for that comment. I listen to lots of old stuff
    because a lot of this new shit is just variations of things that have
    already been done. Don’t compare them, just realize LP was a little too
    late to be innovative. DM forever!

  • for some reason i think of The Beatles when I listen to this song…