Music video of Depeche Mode’s Get The Balance Right! 1983 It went #13 on the UK Singles Chart and got underground airplay in the US by club people. Not reall…
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  • Do you mean why Alan Wilder is the first one to be “miming” to the song? I think I read somewhere that the director of the video just assumed he was the singer because he was the better looking and they were to embarrassed to correct him LOL

  • @RudolfHessBOY1984 Martin Gore has been the main song writer for DM for many years… but Dave was practically hand picked by the band to be the front man of the group. Even they thought a cutie like him would be an asset. ;)

  • Sometimes music is just so personal. I love this track and DM, but aparantly they themselves dont rate it. 

  • Dave Gahan came far from starting out as a Basildon chav, and became an 80’s superstar and member of one the top bands of their time, he’s had some episodes since though! The mode went crap in the 90’s though.

  • For me this is their BEST song.

    LOL at Alan Wilder lip syncing because the band were too scared to tell the director Dave Gahan is lead singer.

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  • Great DM song, my fav from that era! Man look how young they look :)

  • @bassuan I thougt it was “Dreaming of me”. In that point I would agree! ^^

  • Yeah Man rememer the KROQ parties in the Valley. Those days were the tits. I remember seeing Julie Brown perform “homecomming Queen’s got a Gun” at the Tennesee Gin & Cotton. Forrest Whittiker & Dana Plato were there.

  • @bassuan They don’t say that. It’s their worst video. Some famous director got to do it, and wrongly assumed Alan was the singer. They guys were pretty shy at the time, and perhaps they didn’t know about the misunderstanding until it was too late. This video was voted worst video ever – by any group – about ten years ago on Swedish TV channel ZTV. (Enjoy the Silence voted best. Apparantly lots of DM fans voting.)

  • D.M. should be very very proud of this song!  It’s classic KROQ!