Depeche Mode — Playing the Angel — NEC, Birmingham, UK — Personal Jesus Goes Wrong, featuring Matt Iles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I wonder WHY they still use those stupid pre-recorded bases for their gigs,
    rather than switching sequencers, computers etc etc … KRAFTWERK always
    switched LIVE their devices, even in the 70s, and so do Chemical Brothers,
    Daft Punk, etc etc … It makes Your electronic show MUCH MORE «live» and
    «honest», and gives you some chances of «improvisation» … Pre-recorded
    bases are so crap … !!! BUT oviously DM don’t care about it !

  • what the hell you are talking about??? they are great!!! the best band in
    this world!!!!, shut up!!!!

  • So you are saying that they were in Birmingham, England one night and were
    scheduled for Chicago the next night?

  • Oh shittttttttttt hahahahahhahahahaha Good one !!! I like it. It happens ya
    know. When you follow a tape/sequencer/dat/pc you’re the slave. It happened
    to our band, trust me…

  • My comments always are the best, the most originals…… like my comment
    since 5 months ago!!!

  • The guitar is in tune. The problem here is that that Martin and Dave are a
    few beats off what the rest of the band is doing.

  • Gore tried to cover by singing songs that normally Dave is lead vocals and
    it sounded like crap! I gained a totally new appreciation for Dave when he
    left the stage… I thought, well these phonies (supposed fans) deserve it.
    it was hilarious. by the way, I -am- a fan. wish they’d come back to KC, so
    I don’t have to travel to Houston, but oh well… I understand why they
    don’t. KC fans… you suck!

  • i saw them in Tampa for one of the first shows of the Playing the Angel
    tour and they messed up ‘Everything Counts’… it was almost embarrassing
    because their shows are normally so in sync.

  • To: Human Software I think the answer is a bit obvious actually, when Gore
    went to guitar (mainly) something had to give, so the basslines got
    programmed. plus when you lost someone as talented as Wilder, you have to
    go auto-pilot somewhere… BUT, the worst show ever was in KC, Gahan
    actually left the stage after like 2 songs… the pretentious «fans» were
    not into the show at all, and since the lead vocalist feeds off the crowd,
    he left the stage (I think the official remark was «illness»)

  • they are humans after all… could not belive it :D Well, thats the risk
    when playing electric music. some has guts to take a risk — others dont…