Depeche Mode jest calym moim zyciem/ Depeche Mode is all my life / Depeche Mode est toute ma vie / depeche Mode ist mein Leben / Depeche Mode è tutta la mia …
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  • @BoogieWithStew I don’t really understand it myself. But I suppose wearing
    hats is somehow connected with Mart’s hair. I don’t mean that he’s going
    bald (of course his hair is all right when we see him without the hat), but
    maybe he doesn’t like spending his time on making a hairdo or doesn’t wash
    his head regularly LOL

  • man if I walked into a cafe and saw dave gahan and martin gore infront of
    me I would literally shit my pants

  • This is an incredible video I have always wanted to see Depeche coming in a
    cafe. Thank you for this — now I only have one more thing on my list, to
    watch a video of a sandwich.

  • @liverawkstar rather patronising no? And with respect I dont think there is
    anything such as an average DM fan!

  • @LadyViolatorUK1 your probably right— Im a bit of an electronic music
    boffin- uh, correct that: Im a lot- Depeche is actually the only «famous»
    band I like, and I been there since the beginning (I’m as old as them) —
    the bulk of my favorite Depeche tracks are hardly the singles- when I say
    average I reckon it’s just thru my own eyes and the way I view music, i
    guess Im guilty of some pigeon holing — but I was trying to keep the post
    short- most people aint got a clue who Klaus is

  • Lol, really cool to see it on Google maps Street view to see where they sat
    like normal folk ;) Santa Barbara 508 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101

  • @ 1:01 :D a loud harley or drum intro to van halens ‘hot for teacher’? …
    love this short video

  • @TheUnknownVisiterX YES YES YES!!! PRAY FOR DAVE!!! :) PLEASE!!! THE MORE

  • WTF, Martin is wearing a winter coat and hat, and Dave is wearing a
    T-shirt. Palm trees all over the place = hot climate.

  • wow just like that they walked in and no one said anything!!!! man I am
    moving to Santa Barbara lol

  • Where exactly is this Cafe? or what City is this Cafe at?? This is Funny!!
    you know!! Seeing these guys at a Cafe like this!!!

  • If you type in The Natural Cafe or Once Upon A Tart, in Santa Barbara, in
    google Earth, youll find it!

  • LOL All the young people at the cafe does not recognise them!!! but if it
    was stupid justin bieber they were mad ha ha!!