4. «Halo» From «Violator» by Depeche Mode Love the harmonies on this song.

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  • l love DM went to see them in Los Angeles october 2 2013,some of Daves songs Martin sang them it was boring such as But not tonigth,shake the desease etc,they did not play the good stuff im a fan since 1984.

  • no you see, I speak in the language of this person. I’m merely orchestrating the saying «thou dost protest too much».

    I’ve had a lot of experience with those who are adamant about their ideals or whatever and then have said people bring up that they were lying. I never really cared from the result of this, it just made me recognize certain behaviors people do to try and hide their true feelings.

  • It was raining the other day and I got bored so I listened to every single album DM ever made. I felt lazy and yet satisfied. lol. But in all seriousness, I still think they’re the best band ever and I hope that my putting these videos on youtube has given you all something to enjoy once in a while.

  • You speak so loudly in the name of god, do you actually harbor evil in your heart? You profess to proclaim, but who is listening? It is not God who hears you, If you have a quiet heart God would know you are good. I fear Satan has taken you. You are evil. Your lips speak aloud but in lieu of your true nature.

  • I was 20 when this came out. I had forgotten how much a part of me this was. This album…

  • you are right. at 1:52 the second bass sounds(synth bass + guitar sample) are the same on policy of truth

  • @ ranma uk — you’re the one possessed with evil and hate living inside you, think about it! u r sooo ignorant and judgemental…sad really.