DEPECHE MODE – Construction Time Again Tour
BBC Transcription Services Vol 345
London, England
Hammersmith Odeon

Sound Quality: A
Lineage: vinyl record –> Hitachi HT40S Turntable –> E-Mu 1616 sound card –> recorded Sony Sound Forge 7.0 @ 16-bit 44,100 Khz –> tracked, edited & normalized @ +/- -1.00 db –> FLAC 8 via Traders Little Helper

This is a recording made from the BBC Transcription Services vinyl record that was at one time distributed to radio stations for airplay. The record is in mint- condition, and was recorded to digital format by me. I “mastered” it to some degree (fade ins/outs, normalized), but that is all, so you get the vinyl experience and it’s limitations. Being a vinyl junkie, I don’t believe them to be “limitations” as such, but it’s all subjective. There is a slight dip in volume between Somebody and Ice Machine, due to record flip.

It seems this recording is circulated under many titles so this upload is partially a re-seed/upgrade/different source in theory, though many of the other recordings likely originated from this record one way or another. This version is directly from a pre-FM vinyl source, and has not been burned to any source other than my hard drive.

Sadly, this is NOT the whole show (7 songs missing!!), and assuming the set list was the same as the gigs before and after this night, the missing songs are noted below. According to, there is a BBC Transcription Services disc Volume 2, which looks to be more complete than my version, so if anyone has that, please share – though it doesn’t appear to have See You, which my version does.

Set list:
– V/O Introduction (labeled as track 00)
– Something To Do
– **Two Minute Warning** MISSING
– Puppets
– If You Want
– People Are People
– Leave In Silence
– **New Life** MISSING
– **Shame** MISSING
– Somebody
– Ice Machine
– Lie To Me
– **Blasphemous Rumours** MISSING
– **Told You So** MISSING
– Master And Servant
– Photographic
– Everything Counts
– See You
– **Shout** MISSING
– **Just Can’t Get Enough** MISSING

Total Time 57:02

Source by qnosc_B

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