Music video by Depeche Mode performing Heaven. (C) 2013 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment V…
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  • Awesome track, love Martins backing singing ~ really good contrast in their
    vocals together, love this album

  • The more I play this song on my piano when I’m at home alone, the more I
    love this song. It is SO beautiful. I think Heaven’s lyrics may be Martin’s
    best that he has EVER written in the 33 years Depeche Mode as been a band.
    A true anthem for those that wake up in the morning and want nothing more
    than to be as kind as they can to everyone around them.. to show endless
    love in the face of adversity.. and to accept that nobody is perfect,
    especially yourself. Never hate. Always Love! Thank you DM for always
    making me a better person than I though I could be.

  • Lastly, my other fave from this album. This is the song that made me buy
    the LP. I hadn’t heard Slow until I got the album, and that is my new fave.
    There’s only 4 songs I really like on the whole album though, and only Slow
    compares with their Ultra CD which is my fave of theirs.
    #depechemode #deltamachine #musicvideo

  • Clean and uncluttered live music. As i like it.I grew up with bands like
    DMode in the 80`s. How i yearn to return to those times.

  • Rien ni personne ne pourra determiner la place q dm a ds mon
    coeur…jusqu’au paradis

  • Been a fan of depeche mode since I was eleven, first album I heard was
    black celebration… It was dark, heavy and moving in every aspect. Delta
    Machine has recaptured that and so much more, sure Alan is missed but Dave,
    Martin and Fletcher have carried on the torch strongly and haven’t stopped.
    Heaven and Welcome to my world are just two tracks that really stand out
    the most, yet this is Depeche Mode pure and simple, they are masters of
    what they do. Ask Gary Numan, they inspired him.

  • Stand To Reason w/ Greg Koukl… a great beginning for anyone interested in
    theology and apologetics ( logic..argumentation etc…) I am always ready
    for a good discussion/debate as long as the ad hominens stay out of it.
    Blessings all, Stacie.

  • Well done live in Dallas, Texas Sept. 2013 too ! Depeche Mode put on a
    lively, intense, and very interactive performance w/ the crowd. It was a
    day to get away from all the troubles this side of heaven Agreed, great
    song !.