Here is an open mic recording of Depeche Mode performing Here Is The House on their Black Celebration Tour in 1986. The band didn’t think the song was working well and dumped it really early on the tour, I think it was only played a few times. This was recorded 3/31/86 in Brighton on the second night of the tour. Some have rumored that this is the only recording of HITH live, but I have no idea how true that is.


Source by Glen101

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  • wow they sound better live than inside the studio, its the way their music works echoing is better for a stage than a studio

  • I LOVE this song, didn’t know they had performed it live, wish they would perform this on the Delta Machine Tour!

  • Actually this song on Black Celebration Tour was played 2 times — Oxford 1986.03.29 and Brighton 1986.03.31. Next gig and others are without this song.

  • Sorry for late reply. No, they played it a few times this tour and bailed out on it quickly.

  • its the only time this song has been performed live, with Dave Gahan on vocals.