Depeche Mode Sounds of the universe tour. 8/16/09.
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  • OMG I’m so excited to see/hear them perform this!! AGHHH!!! I gotta
    practice my singing though. LOL…I gotta sound like Mariah on someones
    random video capture. Nice vid!!

  • Hi Iwas in row 9 p3 where was this video taken from? great show sad no
    songs earler than 1986. Iwas in seat 31 who was the blond talking to me.
    said good night but never got a name.

  • Thats ok I had a great time dancing too. Allso thanks for taping and saving
    memirioes of a greatnight.

  • Hello modefan63, this was taken from section E row 13. Sorry for the
    shaking of the camera, I was dancing at the same time I was recording it.

  • I wish I could go back in time to record more. Next time, Hummmmm maybe
    they will come around for KROQ’s almost accoustic XMAS…..Just how THE
    CURE did it in 08

  • yea for reals i kinda ended up finding the original to make me ears feel
    better lol