Second Depeche Mode cover version (I sometimes wish I was dead) made using a Roland JP-8000 for every sound.

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  • very very good version! how did you create the first intro sound ? thanks !

  • Superb..I sold my synths years ago…I think I’ll buy one of these off ebay!!!

  • Damn you are good at reproducing DM or what……..I don’t think I’ve ever heard better straight covers of their songs… many get notes and arrangements wrong……but YOU DON’T.:)

  • One cuestion, how do you do to agroup all sounds? just with JP8000 or with another stuff? and the sounds of this cover are of JP8000 custom?

  • Very great! Not easy to simualte the sound of old Yamaha CS, Moog Prodigy, ARP 2600 (kick and noise) with a virtual analog synth. Congratulation!!

  • Amazing how you manage to nail the exact patches :-)