PLAYING THE ANGEL Depeche Mode I Want It All(Extended Telam Project Mix) Please Rate & Comment :)
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  • yea….. thats y i like depeche mode…. the lyrics always seem to match my
    life style. this song is like amazing…. the song called somebody is a
    good song…. its totally true about my life….

  • Do you ever notice how there always seems to be a Depeche Mode song to fit
    every one of life’s situations and/or experiences. Some of the songs that
    Martin writes, are very hard to understand, and that song might have little
    meaning to you. Then something in your life might happen, something vastly
    different to what you’re used to. That experience will then shine a light
    of understanding on that song. Martin is a true lyrical genius. Dave also
    did very well, on writing this song.

  • i agree this song is absouletly beautiful… reminds me of my life

  • My heart yearns…this song always leave me longing for something that is
    out my reach.

  • It is a very sensual song. And what you have done to it makes it sound
    better. Depeche Mode is still the greatest band in the world Love you
    martin and Dave

  • This extended version is simply, and complexly awesome. All of the sense
    heightening aspects of the song, last longer. It’s beautiful. It’s
    precisely how I want it to be while I’m high, or not high. Great job. You
    should apply this to other songs, too.