Documental extraído de la remasterización en cd+dvd del album de Depeche Mode «Violator».

  • 25:57 OMG!!! Recordando el concierto acá en CHILE!!!! Un público increíble para la mejor banda del universo!!!! Grande Depeche Mode!!!!! A. Wilder talking about CHILE!! Love it!

  • Sometimes masterpiece albums are appreciated through the world and Violator was a proof of it; however, DM is mainly for minorities who can get into their mystic songs; not for the mainstream! Violator was maybe their best album but we shouldn’t forget the others (music for the masses, black celebration, ultra, some great reward…, the two first ones were maybe at the same level as Violator..,) the 00’s albums were also quite nice; and always the rose!

  • and long live Alan Wilder, Flood & Anton Corbijn..the three people who create the sound and the look of fact i think they have to work together again for the next DM release..