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  • Depeche Mode are: Alan Wilder Martin Gore Dave Gahan Andrew Fletcher

  • Until 6:15 it is some sort of recoil remix, but after 6:15 it is first real
    “depeche mode sound” since 1994.

  • Depeche Mode is still a group that is clearly divided into the period
    before and after Mr. Wilder as much as the members found it hard to admit
    …. The only possible solution in the case of today’s band Depeche Mode is
    that each individual member swallows his pride and asks Mr.Wilder nicely to
    come back to band ASAP

  • I can hear a lot of 1993 in this remix :) What we’ve all been missing.

  • notice that the parts with the strings (at 4:35) is sampled from the DM
    string-section of the instrumental outro of the song “I am You” (2001).
    also notice that the eerie intro-sounds at 0:50 is sampled from the outro
    of the DM song “i want it all” (from 2005) and the drum-kit at 5:33 should
    be the same kit he used for the devotional tour. Only wish i could grasp
    from which song or live-mix the sample is from. Cause it’s not from the
    album, or is it?

  • The next DM album should be a double album. One album of regular songs and
    one of Alan Wilder’s remixes of those same songs. If they truly can’t work
    with each other they could at least try that. Post-Alan DM is decent, but
    it’s nothing compared the the late 80’s early 90’s version.

  • For me this is not a remix…. It’s simply DEPECHE MODE !!! (:

  • This remix is already better than everything DM have done in past 10 years
    and more. I know Alan said that he would never return to DM, but just
    imagine this: Fletch, Mart, Dave and Alan, 2017, Flood as a producer…
    That would be a hell of a comeback… but those are just false hopes…
    he’ll make a remix here and there and nothing more I think.

  • Wow, nobody can arrange rhythm lines, beats and orchestral sounds like he
    does… and then you add a lead melody and Dave’s voice, and poof, a DM

  • Holy Shite, Alan is the only one who can produce the DM sound. The songs
    are there but come on DM, how about Recoil producing the next album. Take
    the band to the next level …. yes there another level and Recoils is the
    step …..

  • DM did not get rid of Wilder, he left.. Sorry did you say you was a fan???
    However you do make one good point. DM are totally different without
    Wilder.. Ask yourself this. When wilder joined the whole music direct of DM
    changed… Check out the albums from A Broken frame up to and including
    Songs of Faith and Devotion. It pains me to say it but DM are just not the
    same band since that time..

  • @lifedevotee DM continued making music w/o Wilder. But its hard to say they
    evolved. I say they made due. They’d definitely be smart to swallow their
    pride and recruit Wilder back. And the reason it probably isn’t happening
    is b/c Fletch is a dick.

  • its just my opinion, for me Alan gave them a very layered, atmospheric, and
    rich sound…the signature depecheMODE sound. And even tho i absolutely
    love the albums ultra, exciter, pta, and sotu, those albums are just
    missing that certain element that alan helped bring to the over-all sound
    of previous albums -esp violator and sofad where alan’s skills as a
    producer were flourishing. i just feel that M.gore songs w/ dave’s voice
    and alan’s musical production/input is the best version of dM

  • There was never a single man on Earth who could re-create and catch this
    special, unusual and unique ‘something’ in DM’s music like Alan did and his
    remixes are plain proof for this! The combination of Martin + Alan + Dave
    was just perfect match and should never be ‘polluted’ by any other

  • The original track is really nice Martin Gore work. Though I have a problem
    with the original intro. This remix is a clear proof that Martin still
    needs Alan Wilder to make his work devine. Same story with Enjoy the
    silence, great song and lyrics by Martin Gore, but when Allan had the
    chance to polish the diamond…wauuw..! Dave’s voice is really fantastic
    with Alan’s sound. Martin, Dave, Fletch – do the right thing for DM and all
    the devotees!! Pride is a poor substitute for intelligence :o)

  • Better than original, no doubt!!! Alan is the soul of DM!!! Please returns!

  • it sounds like a tarck left off from Songs of Faith and Devotion album.
    Alan has always been the driving force of DM no arguments.

  • it would be nice if they patch things up and start working together again

  • agreed, very SOFADesque, shame more of the track wasn’t like that

  • and also just to say despite what Mr. Fletcher thinks (the most unmusical
    person ive seen in a band and has a huge ego) … alan wilder WAS very much
    a part of the spirit of depecheMODE during his time w the band, most dM
    fans know dM w/ alan wilder more so than vince clarke, who Fletch gives
    more respect to, even tho vince left after what? 6 mo after forming the

  • Great remix involving both DM and Recoil sounds… For me it sounds very
    “recoilish” until 5:30 (reminds me of the Prey shotgun mix) and then comes
    the typical DM sound as on Songs of Faith and Devotion with more “human”
    and warm drums… it’s good to see that alan still manages to create that
    atmosphere he used to create like 15-20 years ago…