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  • This really is an amazing song….it has grown on me to the point that it’s
    one of my new favorite DM songs.

  • This is my Depeche Mode’s favourites song ! It’s way too
    deeeeeep….perfect for me!!!

  • I love this song so deep and powerful… And the spirit of love is rising
    within me talking to you now telling you clearly the fire still burns

  • OH MY GOD! I loooove this song so fucking much it’s my second fav song by
    depeche mode I LOVVE IT SOOO MUCH and live omg great. a real surprise *__*

  • I wish I would have been there!!! Thank you so much sharing for this
    song!!!! I love it!!!

  • He’s not doing that weird Martin hand thing anymore…wonder if anyone said
    something to him?

  • This is the best Depeche Mode track in my opinion. Whenever I searched for
    the song and found this, I just about fell out of my chair. Its so
    powerful, and the ending bass groove,from the album version, is so hypnotic
    I have to listen to it 4 or 5 times before shutting it off.

  • Hi! Thanks for sharing this ! Really great ! Martin love ! DM is a great
    great great great band ! xxx

  • I think that recenlty DM setlists are becoming a bit boring, but,
    sometimes, they do surprise me! This is the best track from Ultra and one
    of the ‘higher’ song of DM career. Thanks Martin! 5 out of 5