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  • Sometimes it seems like they were so selfish about why Alan Wilder left the
    band. The three of them were doing almost nothing for the band in that
    period, Dave on drugs, as well as Martin, and Fletch, everybody know he is
    not a musician at all and the whole work was on Alan’s shoulders, and his
    work was very underrated there! Is not a kids garage band, it’s a job even
    if it’s a band and art and fun, and when your partners are totally out of
    it then is time to make difficult decisions. :(

  • Thank you for posting this great interview! Dave was obviously less
    patient, but Andy saves the day.

  • Dave was going thru a rough time during this phase (health/rehab). The
    whole band was on shaky ground. I think Dave, Martin, & Andy did just fine
    & as well as they could given the circumstances.