Depeche Mode interviewed by Charlotte Roche.

  • Charlotte is more than just a lovely face, she’s an accomplished writer as
    well. Bears an uncanny resemblance to Martin’s ex-wife, Suzanne, flashing
    eyes, aquiline nose, slender build— definitely Martin’s type. No wonder he
    was stealing glances at her. Too bad he was married then, as was she. They
    would have made a cute couple— having matching interests in language,
    music and sexual

  • @MrFrogjab thanks for your kindness, O supreme king / queen of knowledge

  • @TheNatMary It must be 2001, because they’re talking about «Exciter» :)

  • Sometimes I realy get surprised to what people get to interview music
    artists, in the past they were mostly unkles who don’t can’t feel the music
    and now people who you don’t know whether they know much about music then
    you or not. Although I agree with that girl that Exciter sounds diverse I
    don’t agree that Dream on and the album sounds reduced, because it has a
    lot of electronic sounds and guitar riffs going on, it’s just not so
    bombastic. Anyway it’s fantastic album and I LOVE it :))

  • @TheNatMary didn’t you see the fucking poster?? This is the goddamned
    Exciter period, is it too difficult to realise?

  • Exciter and black celebration it doesn’t sound the same. Black celebration
    is more darker synth , and the exciter is a little bit mellow

  • sort of….sort of….sort of….well done charlotte roche.ich kann die
    nicht ausstehen,bah!