The band talks about the title “Playing the angel” and their work with producer Ben Hillier.

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  • This brings me a “vicious appetite” for a new album…Thanks a lot!

  • as always dm does take the highest high lyrically and musically –dark can
    disguise light…but thep is blabk lmk

  • 1:20 – 1:26 Dave, you are the most beautiful angel! <3 Happy Birthday
    Playing The Angel...Wonderful/Amazing album <3

  • David you are an angel !!!!! you are so Beautiful and Martin you are so
    sweet and a musical genious!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DEPECH MODE 4 EVER~

  • “The Darkest dark… which sounds quite dark, doesn’t it…” Hahaha. Those
    fine and darling boys…!