Video director and photographer Anton Corbijn is considered as the 4th member of the band. This part is about Anton video of “Suffer well”.1st time the band …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • So true. Enjoy the Silence was pretty good.
    The worst video was Personal Jesus. Such a shitty video for such an immense song.

  • i like very much the Anton`s videos, he shows the visual interpretation by DM, and he plays this like anybody can`t.
    Anyway the video is only a one side of their music, you take or you leave, is not the most important part, the most imposrtante is their music. They makes records, the videos is only for promotion, inclueded art as well.

  • I dont know u guys what the f*** are u talkin´about, but i love Depeche!!!

  • “the videos never matched the music and found them boring to be honest”
    How many videos actually match their songs? DM’s videos are actually on the more interesting side when compared to other bands and their shit-videos.

  • couldn’t agree more … what is the benefit they are getting from Anton Corbijn … there are people that make their own videos right here on you tube that “smoke” Anton from a distance … I hope someone from DM is reading this … “you guys got a little too comfortable with Anton, try the approach you use with your music producers, play around a little…”

  • I have to agree being a fan for 27 years, the videos never matched the music and found them boring to be honest

  • Hey bedankt voor deze schitterende ‘Playing The Angel’ reeks! Nog nooit eerder gezien! DM=4ever!