Depeche Mode is Violet noise

This post may come out very obscure and dumb, but…

I’ve been listening to different songs along with different types of noises… and I came to think that **Violet noise** matches the most ->

play: (Depeche Mode – **Enjoy The Silence**)

or play: (Depeche Mode – **Precious**)

or play: (Depeche Mode – **Never Let Me Down Again**)

or play: (Depeche Mode – **Scum**) **(!!!)**

and at the same time play **Violet noise**: (you can set it on repeat)

For me **Violet noise** matches both the songs and the voice better than the other [types of noise]( **Blue noise** is close but “too fast” (or too slow) for me to match the songs.

What do you think/feel?

And if you can at least imagine it to be true… what scientific explanation of such a “matching” there may be? Please write back, it is important


a bit of examples with other bands for you to get a perspective ->

play: (Phil Collins – **In The Air Tonight**)

and at the same time play **Blue noise**:

play: (Kurt Vile – **Loading Zones**)

and at the same time play **Brownian noise**:

play: (Elvis Presley – **Always On My Mind**)

and at the same time play **Gray noise**:


Wikipedia article about types of noise ->

All noises ->

**Why I bother you with this**

I get those feelings (“matches”) from listening to voices too

it can be voices of my friends or family or familiar old chess players in our local chess club (I’m worried for them, btw)

So I kind of want to save the memory of them by proving my feelings if they are true

If those “matches” are true you can use them for classification

We could reveal something deep about music

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  • This sounds very interesting. Will look into this later but thanks for this, it’s cool.

  • Well now I know what my afternoon will be spent doing. Thanks for the new rabbit hole to disappear down!