From the album Ultra.

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  • I used to drive over an hour to work working the late shift at the airport and this awesome tune was on repeat on my car radio. Fan of DM since the early 80s =)

  • I’m aggravated. My nephew sleeps in the opposite room. I’m annoyed because he in recent times grew outstanding with women. The guy found the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). Now I hear him bringing chicks back. He’s always bringing chicks back. I hear it, which is nasty and I wish he had not found that site. My buddy just signed up and got a blowjob a week later. I’m jealous!

  • I’ve looked at some of the observations. I believe that that’s a useful video clip. My sibling wants to become awe-inspiring with ladies. He was taught a fuck load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help and advice for seducing girls in night clubs from Master Attraction got him his 1st sex in 2 years. I have been bothered however coz I heard them all. Horrible.

  • your right! the song really hits that spot ;) Also! peeps are using this to get this song on your ipod >

  • Me also…DM has has one of the most successful careers and decades of great is a constant drive in their music that grabs you and doesn’t let go!

  • This is one of the best bands that has been part of my life. I’m 47 and listened to them when they started. Before Dave Gahan. I knew they would be great for a long long time.
    I’m glad all you young people appreciate them as i do.
    When the history books on music are written i pray that DM has their own chapter.