Having fun playing one of my fav Depeche Mode tune interactively on iPad :) All done from scratch in one shot. Sound and video captured with iOS 11 recording feature. Korg Gadget app on iPad Pro 12.9”. Check the video capture on my YouTube: https://youtu.be/R-6av81MiNw

Steemit post – connect me there: https://steemit.com/dsound/@samprock/20180405t184948049z-sam-prock–depeche-mode-just-cant-get-enough–live-ipad-cover

Have fun with what you do and don’t forget to have PHUNN!


Source by Prockjet (Sam Prock Mobile)

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  • Love how this progress, super fun live performance of a classic track!!!

  • @line_munch-petersen: Very moved to hear your good word, Line! :)

  • @jojo2017: You did AMAZING 80’s band covers with Paolo the c4t, Angelo, Jean-Michel George and all great work in years! It is an honor to hear this from you, Janny! I love VC too. The VCMG duo where Vince and Martin collab by internet just like our dear clouders is too cool :) My favorite of it os the Blip. Cheers very much and thank you for being stuck in 80’s, Synthpop, New Wave and making jems like Moon River! Precious, pardon my Depeceh Modian

  • @buzlee08: I neede filler for the intro part while showing how to turn on new recording feature and could not think of better tune for that. So had some fun mixing variety of synths over Any Second :) Thank you Buz!

  • @dm-tribute-friends: You know the best how it goes Radek :) you grab a melody that are simply brilliant, adds you inrepretation and creativity, plus it recalls in you the years, decades of listening those and it all magnitudes the level of fun :) Precious!

  • This is wonderful Sam. I love the early DM music. BIG Vince Clarke fan 😁 Great track