Loved the original track and did a remix, not changed a lot just kept it faithful with a touch of Solarcity :)


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  • I see you are thinking of changing things, don’t! it is great. Lets have another.

  • great cover, really nice fresh approach

  • @solarcity: For my taste it’s very good, but it’s only mine !!, but I understand you, I’m never happy with the final result of my compositions … I congratulate you again for your work !!

  • @canm: Lol….I wish :) I think the bass is too strong now and overpowers the mix and the opening lead synth I no longer like…..might have to change these things sometime. :(

  • Nice reworking of a classic – Vince wound be proud! Be great if you could find a vocalist to top it off. Good work!

  • @slam-cut-repost: Lol… way mate!!!! U would choke if u heard me :(

  • Nailed it! This is spot on. Nicely done. Was hoping to hear you belt out the lyrics though… :o)

  • Nice redown of the great track. The sounds riched very near the original sounds … Fav + greets:)

  • @somedesperateglory: Upon relistening….i think its too huge!!!! :)

  • Stlll have the original vinyl 12″…Good remix dean, you’ve kept the rerto feel, which i definitely like ;)

  • @translunar: Thanks, i did a lot of repeated listening to get the drums right, especially the backing tom/timbs. :)

  • @translunar: Cheers, i know its not too far from the original but that was the idea.

  • This is actually my fav tune by Depeche Mode and you have done it proud x

  • this is excellent matey and you have the programming off to a tee!!!