Taken from the album “A broken Frame” in 1982 made by the 3 remaining members after Vince Clarck left to team up with Allison ( Alfie ) Moyet.
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  • just play this on your surround sound system on full whack its fxxxxxx mint

  • just love the last bit bought this when it first came out many moons ago.

  • God I wish there were still clubs playing music for people my age (21) these days.

  • :-)
    The first DM song i ever heard was ” New Life “….The mainland was still somewhat trapped in the traditional club music..And synth sounds were not so connected to club music..But as a synth admirer from the late sevevties, DM caught my attention straight away. Hearing New Life on a Belgium musicstation, i was stunned when i heard Leave in silence !Especialy in the club version!And like you i collected DM Maxi singles and DM albums ever since.

  • This was also the first Depeche Mode song I ever hear. Walked into a teen club in 81 or so and everyone was hoping to this tune. Had a guest DJ in from Manchester spinning what he call the best shit from the UK that night. I was so hook & went down to our Sam the Record Man the next morning& special ordered the record from the UK for myself. Been a huge Depeche Mode fan ever since.

  • This is the first song I heard from them and I was hooked. DM 4eva!

  • One of the best songs ever. Great tune, lyrics with a powerful effect
    Viva depeche mode forever