Leave in slence en la version que apareceria en el Black celebration tour, que fue la ultima gira en que la cantaria Dave Gahan.
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  • It’s Some Reward Tour 1985-07-13 Guehenno Rockscene Festival, Brest, France

  • @biospark64 At least in the original song It’s a PPG Wave 2, I cannot
    distinguish it clearly in this video but I think it’s the same

  • Alan very nice playing, HE IS THE BEST in This Band. Nowadays DM is not so
    good, Alan please comeback and make better songs

  • The gear is: Alan – Emulator II, Roland Jupiter-8; Martin – Emulator I,
    Yamaha DX-7; Andy – Oberheim OB8. They also each had Synare III synth drums
    they hit during certain parts in certain songs. One thing I remember about
    this show was Alan and Martin having to load floppies into the samplers
    throughout the show – this was before hard were on the EII.

  • I really like the quality of the instrumental, but Dave’s vocals, they
    sound a bit… off from it… Of course, he sings very well. =D What
    synthesizer is, I believe Martin, playing? The synth throughout the verses
    and chorus?

  • It’s not from the Black Celebration tour – it’s from the Some Great Reward
    tour. I saw both.

  • leave in silence, maybe a clue for enjoy the silence…