The lyrics to Depeche Mode’s 1982 Synthpop single “Leave In Silence,” from the album “A Broken Frame.” Lyrics: I’ve told myself so many times before, But thi…

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  • well you have a chance like… right now? I’m going to see them in January… where do you live so you couldn’t get tickets? D:

  • My life’s dream is to see them in concert before I die, but the waiting list is always 3 fucking years long. :(

  • Alan Wilder in control that’s what you hear,Clasical DM.

  • Had just that kind of situation last night. Thanks DM for still making things better!

  • τελειοο!απο παλια οι DM ηταν τοοσο μπροσταα!!!

  • Ah, to be a teenager again in the 80s, simultaneously full of hope and angst. How I miss those days…!

  • Thank you Mr. Fletcher for this superb played synthie hymn!

  • 31 years later I love this song as much as 29 years ago when I heard it for the first time…

  • oh soi about the angel thing, you seee who will she be married to in heaven? there is no marrraige in heaven ayeeebut everybody wiukl be like the angles and then steven got martyred like an anglE

  • This is a different mix than the one I’m used to hearing –?

  • Not really, look it up. To my knowledge, it at least has “Leave In Silence,” “Get The Balance Right!” and of course, “People Are People.”

  • It’s okay. I’ve been told that the fade in was bad before, and I’ve been working on it. Now, I understand that you had no way of knowing that (Unless that person commented it in this video, but I honestly don’t remember), but you really could’ve been much more polite and constructive about such a small thing. It’s not really a karaoke video, just something where you can read the lyrics line by line as the song progresses, but I’m aware that it’s better when you sing, so I’ve been working on it.

  • I appreciate the constructive criticism. I definitely have NOT noticed that this was a problem, and greatly appreciate you kindly letting me know. Something else I also like about your comment is that you were polite, something else you don’t really see enough in life, and your charming lack of profanity. If only more commenters were like you, I wouldn’t have such a bleak view on people. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Depeche Mode really moved up a level with this song. I like all of their stuff – but this is when they became even better and started to mature as a band.
    Brilliant song.