Early demo.
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  • no puedo creer esta melodía ya la conocía pero no sabia que era de depeche mode,mi prima tenia un juguete que cuando le apretabas la nariz sonaba una melodía casualmente igual a la de este tema.es hermosa!!

  • Эх,почему бы не собрать все их старые композиции, которые мало кто слушал, в один альбом и перевыпустить восстановленные немного в современном виде,например,сейчас,вот это и будет огромным сюрпризом для фэнов-ветеранов!

  • a ja mam 14 lat i staram się słuchać wszystkich utworów DM i wszystkie mi się podobają oprócz ,,barrel of a gun» czy jakoś tak ten kawałek mi się nie podobał ale pozatym to wszystkie kawałki DM są świetne

  • Holy crap, I thought I was such a Depeche Mode fan, but I have never heard this song. I even had a vanity plate on my car that said D-peche.

  • Я за столько лет даже и не думал,что это услышу впервые,я в шоке,оказывается столько лет лежало и пылилось,эх получше бы звук и было бы здорово

  • I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead off of Speak And Spell samples some of the melodies in this song.

  • Есть ли оригинальное видео на эту прекрасную композицию,прелесть

  • This is so wonderful, so wonderful!

    Too bad it was never released by Clarke. It has a electronic-synthpop-Beatles-easque fel to it.

  • This is NOT actually Depeche Mode, its a FAKE demo people! although it was written by Depeche and used in early live sets. ( They were actually known as composition of sound during this time period — Dave had not joined yet )

  • Dave does seem to have something in common with Robert Smith :L Aw golly gosh how cute were they!? And is this the same guy who made the «Give a little Respect» song?? Wow.

  • It ain’t this «Composition of sound»? Their first band name?

  • yeah-and one thinks one is a real fun and then sb publishes sth like that and I feel like an ignorant again,lol
    btw-love this:-)

  • omg, I thought I’d heard all of DM’s stuff. This so fits with the cheesey elctro-pop of Speak n spell. was this released as DM, or under their previous name?

  • Impossible! How did I miss this for 30+ years?!?!? Maybe VCMG can do a re-release…

  • okay im not comparing any one but bill kaulitz had a hairstlye like dave lol maybe thats were he got it from !! i love both bands!!!!