Depeche Mode live at Delta Machine album launch, Vienna, March 2013

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  • So so true, very true, was in Warszawa – greatest gig ever (!) ….pls come back

  • концерт в Питере самой крутой ….. только там был экшн!!!!!! Спасибо ДМ

  • And to troll you – who is Allan?  (Ca c’est Alan Wilder)

  • I am talking about how the last three shows all resemble themselves – except that the bare bones of Exciter with its background singers actually rocked. And the futuristic pod stage for Playing the Angel was top notch. I demand a lot of my idols if I am paying $400 a seat for my bride and me to attend. They don’t deserve my pilgrimage; they earn it. This show is cut and paste. Sorry, I just wish Martin had worn a rainbow space warrior suit with a flame thrower guitar instead.

  • Well, I don’t go to see them for the show, – I go to see them for the music – and for seeing my fav boys! So, maybee, they’re stuck in the past – but I, as many others – don’t give a F…, we love them anyway… And I for one do not cry
    for Allan or Vince, they have long ago proven themselves – with-out Allan and Vince!

  • While this show is completely acceptable, I feel I have seen it before and before and before. Same Martin guitar, same Dave outfit (oh, a gold back to his vest), and Andy, strangely enough, is the bright spot. Andy hasn’t looked that “alive” in years. Sadly, the concert visuals have collapsed since Corbin stopped producing the shows. The new songs are a snooze fest. So says a 32-year-fan who is 45-years-old. Sorry they promised to never let me down – alas, they bored me down.

  • i am right there with you. “should be higher” is stunningly disappointing. DM knows better.

  • good work,thumbs up
    nice video congratulations
    many thanks

  • Do you know these guys are like getting on for their fifties.. theyre still skiping round the stage LOL