Depeche Mode LIVE @ Fort Lauderdale 15.09.2013 (HD) Zusammenschnitt vom Konzert Dieser Trip über den Teich hat sich wirklich gelohnt. Enjoy the Show ;-)
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  • Would you consider sharing the master video to sync up with an excellent
    sounding audience recording to be uploaded to YouTube as well as dimeadozen?

    I went to this gig and although my audio recording was quite mediocre, a
    colleague of mine got a very good sounding one. I can send you a sample if
    you would like.

  • stupid americans, fat and stupid…they do NOTHING !!! morons…

  • You can support independent music. Click on our icon to go our channel. We
    are a rock and roll band from Tampa, Florida. Watch our cover of Depeche
    Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again.” It is like nothing you have heard or seen

  • I saw them in Lima in 2009 and i was in the same concert its a amazing

  • I saw them in AZ. This is awesome because it was a different set than what
    I saw

  • Sorry, unfortunately, the damned shout neck stood 1 row behind us and
    cannot be moved to shut up

  • amazing! can’t wait to see them in uk next month. band of the universe.
    i’ll be like that screaming guy 8) doesn’t sound good on video,… but who
    cares ?)

  • Its all that damn Oxycontin down in FL that has them all in a haze

  • Good sound i was in BERNE in Switzerland to see them in June excellent like

  • Что-то даже фан-зона неживая какая-то. Зажрались.

  • Fantastic video…I was suppose to be there…:( but couldn’t…now thanks
    to you I can still experience the concert a little! BIG THANKS!

  • thank for this concert. You can find me in youtube chrismode59 see you next

  • Tolles konzert
    Wär sicher ohne den spacken in deiner nähe noch besser gewesen.ich bin kein
    kommentaren schreiber ,aber lassen die da drüben jeden rein?