Depeche Mode live at Festhalle, Frankfurt 21 July 1993.
*First generation copy from «Rocker’s» master tape.* Read full details below.


Back in the early 90’s Rocker’s, a legendary mail order shop in West Shinjuku, Tokyo obtained master tapes of various bands and sold copies. An extensive list was sent out regularly to its customers. Comprised of 15+ pages it had both Rocker’s exclusives and non-exclusives. The ones in the master generation were marked with an asterisk by the owner vouching for its authenticity. Rockin’ On, a Japanese music magazine featured a small section of adverts by the shop every month, describing details of the films. Some were marked with extra info «It was filmed on a tripod, with a kind permission from the venue». How a shop in Tokyo managed to have such a network of filmers around the world is beyond imagination. Maybe he could sell it freely because it was far out of reach by the western influences/legal power? Among many obscure bootleg shops in that area (incl. Airs), Rocker’s excelled both quality and quantity. I have tried to track down the owner after the shop was closed in the late 90’s but he was nowhere to be found. It has changed its name a few times, among others to Final/Final Rocks. However they were all operated by the same seller.

For Depeche Mode this was among 3 shows with the asterisk. The other two were Frankfurt 8/10/1990 and 14/10/1990. I purchased all he had to offer for DM, plus some others like The Cure and U2 before it closed for good. They will be available here in the future.

About the film:
I tried to restore it as much as possible applying careful colour correction and audio remaster. Apologies for the lacking quality though, it’s still far from being perfect — I made quite a lot of copies myself as I was into trading back in the day, also the fact that Elgato converter isn’t made for HD transfer hasn’t done the job any better. However the tape has not been played for the past 20 years or so.

The gear used: 1st generation VHS copy (Maxell) — Sanyo VZ-H660 hifi VHS recorder — Elgato video capture — USB — Final Cut Pro X — .mp4 — Youtube