1981-11-03 Fagins, Manchester, England, UK

01 Any Second Now
02 Photographic
03 Nodisco
04 New Life
05 Puppets
06 Ice Machine
07 Big Muff
08 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
09 Tora! Tora! Tora!
10 Just Can’t Get Enough
11 Boys Say Go!
12 What’s Your Name?
13 Television Set
14 Dreaming Of Me
15 The Price Of LoveLine up:
Dave Gahan — lead vocals
Martin Gore — keyboards, backing vocals
Andrew Fletcher — keyboards, backing vocals
Vince Clarke — keyboards, backing vocalsAll songs written by Vince Clarke, except for «Big Muff» and «Tora! Tora! Tora!» which were written by Martin L. Gore, and «Television Set» which was written by Jason Knott.

«Fagin’s, it was a well-known caberet club throughout the seventies and eighties where many of the top stars of the day, such as Scott Walker, Cliff Richard, Lulu, Tommy Cooper, appeared. Fagin’s first opened it’s doors in 1970, with the downstairs club openning 18 months later in 1971. Now known as The Music Box the downstairs was then called Rafters. Throughout the eighties Fagins continued very much as a cabaret venue, but also would put on various rock gigs with bands such as Hawkwind and Thunder, and artists like Sade and Pigbag. In 1981 a seperate disco room was created called Funnies — later becoming the Fishbowl.
By the end of the eighties the old vangaurd of cabaret was beginning to dwindle. So in 1990 Fagins was renamed Rockworld and started a new era with a complete changeover of music policy which saw the club become Manchester’s premier rock club. Our legendary Friday Allnighter was introduced at this time with DJ John Gannon arriving from The Banshee and The Ritz. At that time both upstairs and downstairs were made into one club. Then 1996 Rockworld’s upstairs were split further to create the new room 1, whilst downstairs was seperated to create the MusicBox. A new venue for gigs and special events like the many regular dance nights held there. Whilst the upstairs now incorporated the Jilly’s name. In March 2003 Room 4 was opened to further increase Rockworlds variety. Continously updating it’s seen many changes and styles in rock and continues to be at the forefront of the rock scene.»