The first «double» date of the 2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour. Contrary to the setlist sheet picture, Home was played instead of «But Not Tonight».


  1. Welcome to My World
  2. Angel
  3. In Your Room
  4. Precious
  5. Behind the Wheel
  6. World in My Eyes
  7. Should Be Higher
  8. Barrel of a Gun
  9. Only When I Lose Myself (Sung by Martin)
  10. When the Body Speaks (Sung by Martin)
  11. Heaven
  12. Soothe My Soul
  13. John the Revelator
  14. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
  15. Secret to the End
  16. Enjoy the Silence
  17. Personal Jesus
  18. Goodbye
  19. Encore: Home (Acoustic)
  20. Halo (‘Goldfrapp Remix’ version)
  21. Just Can’t Get Enough
  22. I Feel You
  23. Never Let Me Down Again

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  • For 30 years I been same this, DM are aabove any trend, their music
    transcends and is time proof, since I first heard Martin David combo.I got
    addicted and never free of them, I can’t listen to others. …NOT WITH

  • Like many others that have replied — I was also there that night. The bass
    sounded a bit heavy up (I was up in the gods at the back though) but
    thoroughly enjoyed it — my first time at the O2 and my first time,
    ashamedly, to see DM. I was gutted about one thing, though — they didn’t
    play «It’s no good» (love the song, for personal reasons) then I saw they
    played it the bloody night before as well. Still, can’t have everything —
    and thank you Chrismode59 — I’m an IT bloke and dread to think how many
    hours it took you to get all the footage together and make it appear
    seamless. You must have the patience of a saint!!

  • I was there… Thanks for the reminder. Their music means so much to me.
    Every song gives me memories of my life since the early 1980s

  • Maybe M. Gore starts off a tour a bit slow, he was a lot better in Glasgow
    on 11/11; I really liked his solos.

  • LIVE Find (Depeche Mode — Concert In Multicam)…
    Depeche mode London 29.05.2013 Multicam by Chrismode59

    Welcome to My World
    In Your Room
    Behind the Wheel
    World in My Eyes
    Should Be Higher
    Barrel of a Gun
    Only When I Lose Myself
    (Sung by Martin)
    When the Body Speaks
    (Sung by Martin)
    Soothe My Soul
    John the Revelator
    Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
    Secret to the End
    Enjoy the Silence
    Personal Jesus

    (‘Goldfrapp Remix’ version)
    Just Can’t Get Enough
    I Feel You
    Never Let Me Down Again

  • OdeToBoy: Without inspiration? And thats why they plan another concert in
    our country now, because the first one was desperately sold out and even
    the second again is desperately sold out? :-) No no, this is immortal.

  • Used to really like DM but their last few records have been utterly
    forgettable. This concert looks like a band going through the motions. Out
    of tune and looking old. May be time to call it day and let us remember
    their great back catalogue