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  • Best concert ever. Best time ever. A piece of contemporary witness…

  • depeche mode number one ,un saluto da pianofortegirato italy …. ciao

  • DM Music ft Masses/Violator & U2 Joshua Tree/Actung Baby – -Music in a time when Everything Matters – – Great Music and Video!!!!!!!

  • This was my first big concert! Saw this tour in Mountain View California at Shoreline Amphitheater! I was 14. Amazing show!!!

  • Best time of DM I agree :-)
    But it went downhill for them all personally because they all took so much coke in that period that Dave ended on Heroin/needle.

  • I can’t believe this. In 1990, I think it was the moment that Dave had the best moment( voice) in his career, and, after just 4 years, after he got on drugs, at the devotional tour, he had ( in my opinion) a horibble voice. Seriously, Dave had a great voice then, and in 1994, it was HORIBBLE!

  • Me too. First concert Summer ’90 at Giants Stadium. This is awesome. Get to relive the Violator tour.

  • my first DM Concert. Waiting for the Night to fall braughts a totaly Goose skin to me, I never will forget these moments

  • Dave shaking his ass and all those girls screaming heehheehhehehe!

  • lol, Dave never moves like that these days.. (would be funny though)